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For more than 10 years Sunrise develops and produces LED products.

ARLIGHT brand for LED products was established in 2005 in order to distinguish products with long life, high reliability and quality. These products were developed as a result of cooperation of RND departments of many companies from several countries. ARLIGHT products can be used for professional implementation, where “install and forget” principle is very important. High quality materials from best suppliers, custom made designs and tailored parameters allowed ARLIGHT to have very good price for the result you get from the product – light you get – Lumen.

Up to 2015 ARLIGHT products were supplied only to professional dealers, who use professional evaluation of product, where price for light you get and long product life are valued. Now more and more small and retail customers use same approach and prefer high quality products, due to the fact, that high quality products give more result, this result (light) costs less and have much longer life, cutting even more cost. Re-installing and repairing of installed lightning equipment costs a lot.

Considering this demand for high quality products, this e-store was established in 2015. And now customers from all over the world, interested in high quality and very cost effective LED products can order ARLIGHT directly from China (Shenzhen) or Hong Kong.

Please visit our LED products website WWW.ARLIGHT.HK

Sunrise is also a major investor of RANDLIGHT GMBH company in Germany,   that is positioned nationally and internationally with its comprehensive range of LED technology and related accessories. Many of our products are developed in collaboration with internal company engineers and competent partner companies themselves, foreign developers.

General partner for CIS and Russia regions is an INDICATOR company, that also develops and produces Hi-tech LED products at  Russian factory. In 2015 INDICATOR joined Sunrise Holding and also opened on-line shop for LED products to support our clients in a better way.

Please visit website - WWW.INDICATORLED.COM